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Cadet Newsletter April 2022

In case you missed the email! Welcome to the April edition of the Aquacadet newsletter! We've got thrills, chills, and spills so read on for all the excitement!






We have a new group shipping plan that we are testing to help offset crazy international shipping prices!

Order for our first shipment are due by APRIL 20TH

Learn about how our Aussie group shipping plan works and place your order HERE!

For our non-Aussie international friends, we hope to expand our group shipping program to other countries depending on how well the Aussie beta-test works! :)


Greetings Cadets!! Eaglebones here.

I hope everyone is having an awesome spring. I've been very excited because just a couple of weeks ago, we launched a Mystery Machine for my very own signature guitar effects pedal, The Falcondrive! It has been in the works for about a year, so finally having it unleashed to the public is absolutely killer!

As some of you know, I have been a guitar teacher off and on for some time. And over the years, many of my students have asked me for effects pedal recommendations. I almost always suggest they get an overdrive pedal or a distortion pedal, depending on their amp and what style of music they want to play. Then finally, I thought, why don't I just design one? So next time someone asks me what their first pedal should be, I'll have a definitive answer. The Falcondrive! Why choose distortion or overdrive when you can have both?

I enlisted the help of former aerospace engineer and pedal builder (and cadet #1707) Jesse Rhew of RUDE TECH. For years, I have been playing through his company's pedals, all handmade in Nashville, Tennessee. They are some of the best-built pedals I have ever used. You can even see his Chorus pedal on my touring pedalboard. I struck up a friendship with Jesse when The Aquabats! came through Nashville on tour, and he was my first thought of someone who would really do this right. Luckily he was game, so I sent him two of my pedals to serve as inspiration for a single pedal that could blend between effects.

These pedals, a Boss Distortion DS-1 and a Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 (which also happened to be the first pedal I ever owned), have been modified over the years by my good friend (and former bandmate in the band Death By Stereo) Paul Miner. Both pedals are probably the two of the most popular pedals of all time. So The Falcondrive! has excellent genes.

The art for The Falcondrive! was done by Thomas Fernandez, aka Tiki Thomas, a longtime fan and Aquacadet. An old Marvel Universe blacklight poster inspired his design with some added sacred geometry and crystals for good vibes. Even The Dude is on it!

I want to thank Jesse, Thomas, and especially some behind-the-scenes gloopy friends Jessa and Jordan for helping make The Falcondrive! happen.

The project was funded through the Mystery Machine in just a few days. And I'm very excited about how it turned out and the response it's gotten so far. Who knows, maybe we'll do another in the future.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well, and I can't wait to see all of our friends in the mid-west and east coast of America this summer on tour with Less Than Jake and Bowling For Soup. This tour will be The Aquabats! first actual tour since 2019! And we're even hitting some cities we haven't played before, so I am very excited. See you soon!

~ Eaglebones


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