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Cadet Newsletter January 2022

Howdy Cadets!

A big honkin’ Happy New Year to you!! 2022? It’s gonna be a good one. We can feel it in our Bat Bones ☠️. If nothing else - we’ve got some new exciting Cadet stuff going on, right?? Woo! Take that, evil forces plotting to ruin a perfectly good year! You can’t stop the combined power of THE AQUABATS and THE AQUACADETS!

Hey - speaking of which - let’s talk Cadets! Welcome to your first Cadet e-Newsletter of the year! Whether you’re new to the club or you’ve been around since the early days - we’re glad you’re here! Welcome! Once a Cadet, always a Cadet!! Here’s this month’s news…


Cadet Discount!

As a Cadet, you get a standing 10% discount at gloopy all year long! Wow! But here’s something even better… all January gloopy is having a sale - and your Cadet-only code gets bumped up to be 20% off! The discount applies to pretty much every physical item on the site so… go crazy!

Your Cadet Checkout Code is: 2022CADETS

Please do not share this with non-cadets.


Cadet Clubhouse!

Introducing the newest official online HQ of the Aquacadets! This new site is the central place to fulfill all your Aquacadet needs! Connect with other Cadets! Set up your Clubhouse profile! Get Cadet news! Color some Aquabats coloring pages!

Also, we’ll be releasing exclusive Cadet-only merch throughout the year! And physical ID cards!! Stay tuned - the first items are coming soon!

Please remember your cadet profile is public and in the directory unless you set it to private, which you can do on your account dashboard. Highlighting that for you just in case you want to switch it over. This clubhouse is currently in beta, so if you spot issues, please let us know so we can keep improving it!

Also, if you have special cadet news you want to share with the community in the next newsletter, please send it!


The Bat Commander Speaks!

Hello Kids and as ‘they’ often say at the beginning of a New Year: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’ve heard that in Viking times that Vikings would often say HARPY NÜ YAR but that it actually meant get your beans out of my chalice... of mutton juice… or something like that. Anyway, the saying caught on until this one person in 1393 messed up and actually said HAPPY NEW YEAR at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It was really embarrassing and eventually became an ironic catch phrase like saying, “HEY DUDE” or “TOTALLY GNARLY”, “BEST DAY EVER” or even “THAT’S SO LITTY IT’S FIRE FAM”. And thus, the term HAPPY NEW YEAR becomes something we say but really don’t understand or mean because research and care would take too much time in this brave new world of techno convenience. Speaking of techno convenience, I just got a new microphone microchip in my lips. It’s an implant to help amplify my voice through bluetooth speakers without actually having to hold a real microphone… ever… again. My lucky day I guess but there is a price to pay for all of this ‘techno convenience’. Yes, Kids, I’m taking about radiation. And we all know, it was radiation that created a giant bi-ped reptile lizard man named GODZILLA … so I guess it’s really not that bad at all. Welcome to the new world and HARPY NÜ YAR!

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That thing I posted earlier? Pretend I didn't post that and act surprised when it reposts tomorrow at 10am PST. :) I'm not perfect! But that is why you all like me. Right? sincerely, Jessa


Catelyn The Crazy
Catelyn The Crazy
Jan 06, 2022



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