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You hear it first!

Tomorrow gloopy is launching a new Mystery Machine project! For those who are new to the Mystery Machine!, it is The Aquabats! crowdfund-supported product incubator hosted at

The project is the NEW Falondrive! dual-effect guitar pedal!

The Falcondrive! is Eaglebones' very own signature guitar pedal and features blendable distortion and overdrive effects. It was developed in collaboration with RUDE TECH pedals out of Nashville, TN, and features original art by Thomas Fernandez! The pedal, which is two essential pedals in one, is priced at $199.00. Our goal is to fund 150 units, and when we achieve that goal, this super awesome project is a GO! Check out TOMORROW (3/14) starting at 9am EST to claim your Falcondrive! If the project successfully funds, we plan to begin shipping units at the beginning of May!

To celebrate this super rad launch, we also have new teeshirts and pins featuring our classic blacklight poster art by Thomas Fernandez. The pins and tees are pre-order items with shipping starting at the beginning of April!

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That thing I posted earlier? Pretend I didn't post that and act surprised when it reposts tomorrow at 10am PST. :) I'm not perfect! But that is why you all like me. Right? sincerely, Jessa


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