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Did Somebody Say Sale??? 😮🎩

It's the Cadet July news update!

First off! Welcome to all our new Cadets! Don't forget to say "hi!" in the Clubhouse (and join the Clubhouse if you haven't already) and second if you ever need anything, you can reach us at

Here's what is going on this month...


It's The Cadet-Only Summer Holiday Sale! 25% SALE!!

All Holiday gear (winter and Halloween) and $10 Tees Are 25% NOW THROUGH MONDAY With The Code SUMMERHOLIDAY2022 At Checkout!

Supplies Are LIMITED!

Sale ends Monday 7/25 at 12pm PST. Discount applies to new orders only and cannot be applied to previous orders. Holiday items include all items at


New Gear Now Available At gloopy!

Our tour tee and hoodie are now available to buy online at, Cadet onesies are back! and a new color of our SOLD OUT Skate Bat tee is new in the shop too! You heard it here first!


Take any awesome show photos at an Aquabats concert this summer? Share your show photos on Instagram with the tag #theaquabats for the chance to win cool Aquabats gear!


COMING IN AUGUST! We have a special artist collection of items coming next month, new summer gear from Seaesta, Cadet-only virtual meet and greet news, annnnnnnd



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That thing I posted earlier? Pretend I didn't post that and act surprised when it reposts tomorrow at 10am PST. :) I'm not perfect! But that is why you all like me. Right? sincerely, Jessa

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PAJAMAS! Can't wait for those!

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