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Hey! It's A Q&A with Eaglebones Falconhawk!

The first in our new series of question-and-answer sessions with The Aquabats! Here is a fun Q&A with Eaglebones Falconhawk! Questions were submitted by cadets! Have a question you want to ask Eaglebones or another member of The Aquabats? Drop it in the comments and perhaps it will be answered in our next Q&A!

And now! Eaglebones!

QUESTION: On pizza day what is your favorite pizza company and toppings?

EAGLEBONES: Papa John’s either plain cheese or Hawaiian

Q: Is there a favorite costume that a fan has dressed up as?

EAGLEBONES: At Comicon one year a fan was dressed as the floating eye of death in a very elaborate costume, I was really impressed.

Q: What do you like most about your life as a musician and what do you hate the most about it

EAGLEBONES: Playing live is what I like most and there’s nothing to hate about it.

Q: What is your favorite way to combat creative block?

EAGLEBONES: Do the work. I like Steven Pressfield’s approach. You have to show up and do it everyday. That gives more chances for the muse to speak.

Q: What is your guys favorite song

EAGLEBONES: 'Just What I Needed' by The Cars

Q: What are some of your current musical influences?

EAGLEBONES: Mrs. Magician, Johnny Marr, Drab Majesty, Beach Slang, Choir Boy, The Plimsouls

Q: Can you give an update on Ron mark?

EAGLEBONES: I believe he was blown up in a dynamite explosion. The scene was cut from the Return of the Aquabats episode

Q: Which villain(s) was your favorite to fight and if you could bring back stage fights, which villains would you want to bring back or add to the show?

EAGLEBONES: There was a great swamp monster that made appearances around 2010. He was great.

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