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It's 2024!

Greetings cadets! It’s the New Year, which means a few things for all you Cadets specifically. 

First, it means that physical Cadet IDs are available to order now in the Cadet Clubhouse shop! Don’t forget to order your ID by the end of the month!

Second, it means that there is a new Cadet discount code for shopping at The cadet discount code for 2024 is CADETS2024. Please do not share this code with non-cadets. 

This discount is good for 10% off at all year and can also be used at select Aquabats live shows as well, simply show your cadet ID to request your discount at any gloopy-managed merch table. This means it will not work at festivals or fairs, but will work for Aquabats headlined shows. 

Please note, the discount code does not apply to gloopy University lessons, e-gift cards, items in the Cadet Clubhouse shop, Auctions or autographed items and cannot be combined with other discounts. Thank you for understanding!

AND for the entire month of January, the cadet discount gets you 20% off at!

We have a big year ahead of us cadets! It’s the 30th Anniversary of The Aquabats! Look out for big music and show news! And special cadet-only virtual and IRL events!

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