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It's Go Time!

Along with our tour dates this summer, we're playing the OC Fair! AND we have 300 discounted orchestra tickets have been reserved just for Cadets! They’re located in Orchestra 2, Rows M-T.

Cadet presale begins TODAY! NOW! and runs through FRIDAY MAY 10 at 10pm PST. After that, any remaining Cadet seats will be released to the public at full price.

In order to claim the presale just enter the password SANDYFACE at checkout!

We want Cadets in So Cal this summer! Be there if you can and be on the lookout for news regarding fun Cadet happenings around the weekend of our OC Fair show. It's been a while since we all got together for a, what's that word again? I can't remember. Maybe you know what word I'm thinking of?

Anyway! Click the button below to get your OC Fair tickets. Or go to to check out show dates near you and join us in celebrating 30 years of The Aquabats!

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That thing I posted earlier? Pretend I didn't post that and act surprised when it reposts tomorrow at 10am PST. :) I'm not perfect! But that is why you all like me. Right? sincerely, Jessa

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A summit.....rad!!!!

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