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Looking For West Coast Volunteers!

Attention Cadets!

We are looking for members of the Aquacadet Corps who live in or close to Seattle or Ventura to help us out on tour! Help with what? With merch by receiving, storing, and delivering restock inventory when the band plays in Seattle and Venture on their summer tour.

THE DETAILS: To help keep our merch booth in stock (and have room in the trailer for instruments), we are working on setting up restock points during the tour. We have selected Seattle, WA, and Ventura, CA, as restock cities (but we may add others). We want to work with Cadets in these cities to be the receivers of this merch restock (between 2 to 6 large and potentially heavy boxes of goods) about three days before the concert in their city, then deliver the boxes to our merch manager Conner at the concert venue about 4 hours before showtime.

In exchange for doing this, the cadets who help will receive the following:

  • Up to 4 Tickets to the Show

  • A gift certificate for $250 to use at the merch booth or online at Gloopy Industries

  • A special autographed note from the band

  • Our undying gratitude

If you don’t live in either of those cities but live near a different city on our tour route, apply as well in case we add more restock points to our plan.

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