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October Is Upon Us!

HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! YESSSSSSSSS! It's the time of year to get in touch with the skeleton inside you!! Here are some fun spooky season updates exclusively FOR YOU!


Share photos of your Aquabat costume and/or Aquabats themed pumpkin carving on Instagram with #aquabatscostumecontest for a chance to win one of two excellent Aquabats prize bundles! We'll be on the lookout!

Need a costume?


New in the Cadet Clubhouse shop!

Kooky Spooky sticker sheets!

These are left over from our special edition Kooky Spooky LPs! They're super exclusive and rare, so we're only offering them to Cadets! PLUS Buy 2 get 1 sheet free with the coupon code SHIPme! (exclamation is a part of the code)


Wow! A Lil Bat pumpkin carving template! Thanks, Santa!!!

Save to your desktop to print. :)

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That thing I posted earlier? Pretend I didn't post that and act surprised when it reposts tomorrow at 10am PST. :) I'm not perfect! But that is why you all like me. Right? sincerely, Jessa


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