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Summer is not over. Nope. Not on our watch! Summer is everyday in Aquabania.

Here's what is going on this month and coming this fall...


Cadet Only Discount!

Gear In Our Summer Shop Is 20% Until This Friday At Midnight PST!

Sale includes our awesome Lil Bat beach ball, youth beach towel, and new to gloopy gear from Seaesta Surf! Use the discount code SUMMERJAM at checkout!

Supplies Are LIMITED!

Sale ends Friday 8/26 at 12am PST. Discount applies to new orders only and cannot be applied to previous orders. Summer items include all items at


We are pleased to announce that a new school has applied to become our second Official Cadet Legion Outpost. Everyone wish East Elementary luck in their pursuit of awesomeness!

And if you are interested in learning how your school can apply to become an official outpost, let us know!



We sold out of a couple sizes, BUT since this is a pre-order, we were able to add more stock!


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