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Summer Gonna Get Ya! The Aquabats June Newsletter Is HERE!

Welcome to the Summer Break edition of the cadet newsletter! There is so much going on that we can't wait to share with you! Ready? OKAY!

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For several months, team gloopy and The Aquabats! have been working with Cadet Sifu (AKA Randy L.) on a top-secret project! What is the project, you ask? Well, it is a new Cadet Legion Outpost program for schools. You see, Cadet Sifu is an elementary school guidance counselor, and he reached out asking if there was anything we could do to encourage his students. And we said, "heck yes!" So together, we cooked up a positive reinforcement program that rewards kids for being respectful, kind, safe, and courteous. Any kid can do good, and positivity should be called out and rewarded!

And earlier this month, after five months of hard work with constant video encouragement from The Aquabats! the students of Flemington Elementary in Flemington, West Virginia, earned their Junior Cadet status, and Flemington Elementary became our first Cadet Legion Outpost.

Below, Cadet Sifu will tell you more about the program and how things went!

Greetings fellow Cadets!

Thanks to The Aquabats' support and the student's hard work, the first-ever Outpost of the Legion of Righteous Comrades has now been established. That's right, Flemington Elementary School has become Legion Outpost # 001!

This collaboration came about to help make school fun again as we continue to face challenges after our particularly difficult 2020. We wanted to make our school environment fun for students and support their efforts in three main categories: Behavioral Expectations, Academic Growth, and Individual Awesomeness.

Each member of The Aquabats took one of the program's pillars and made videos that were shown periodically during morning announcements at school. Posters of The Aquabats! detailing expectations were in every hallway, and school staff gave out points for being respectful, responsible, kind, safe, and most of all, coming to school! Students then used these points to get prizes, including awesome Aquabats merchandise, at the school store. In addition, the Flemington teacher and admin team collected data through teacher and family reports and behavioral data to determine if this school had what it takes to become Aquacadet Legion Outpost #001. And they did! Flemington students met behavioral expectations, showed academic growth, and demonstrated on a daily basis the qualities it takes to become Aquacadets.

Earlier this month, at the end of the school year, a video announcement from The MC Bat Commander himself let students know they had succeeded. Flemington received a custom Legion Outpost Flag and a commemorative plaque to display proudly. So in the immortal words of The MCBC, "Keep up the good work. You got this !!!"

Congratulations to Flemington Elementary School for becoming Aquacadet Legion Outpost #001 in the world. Your commitment to awesome is just beginning as you await word from future Aquacadet Outposts ready to show their stuff.

~ Cadet Sifu (Randy L. LPC, MS)

Interested in applying for your school or group to become an official Aquacadet Legion Outpost?

Email us at!




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