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What?! It's A Q&A with The MC Bat Commander!

Another entry into our series of question-and-answer sessions with The Aquabats! Here is a fun Q&A with The MC Bat Commander! Questions were submitted by cadets at the beginning of the year! Have a question you want to ask The MC Bat Commander or another member of The Aquabats? Drop it in the comments and perhaps it will be answered in our next Q&A!

QUESTION: Have The Aquabats ever played at someone's wedding?

MCBC: Not that I remember but all things are possible.

Q: What are your favorite colors?

MCBC: Green and orange.

Q: What do you like most about your life as a musician and what do you hate the most about it

MCBC: Love the fans, free water bottles and cold pizza. Hate the elite class that has enslaved the world through corporate mind control.

Q: What is your favorite way to combat creative block?

MCBC: Go surfing for hours and hours in Mexico.

Q: Will there be a second Christmas or Halloween special?

MCBC: We hope so.

We’re hoping for the next pandemic to lock down the world again so we can make another socially distanced holiday special.

Fingers crossed! (The MCBC is joking, he does not want another pandemic)

Q: Where is the Ska Robot Army now?

MCBC: They picked up guns and hammers. They fell in love and suffered. Where did they go?

Q: Can you give an update on Ron Mark?

MCBC: He’s at a convent in Sicily.

He’s been hiding in the basement.

Q: Is there any sort of theme with the latest album?

MCBC: The new album is going to be our latest album. Any day now. Slower than we’d like but compared to our next album, it’s almost done!

Q: Is there any sort of theme with the latest album?

MCBC: The End of an era.

Q: How did The Aquabats get their name?

MCBC: We fell into a vat of Turkey fixin’s

The rest is history.

Q: Which villain(s) was your favorite to fight and if you could bring backstage fights, which villains would you want to bring back or add to the show?

MCBC: I personally don’t like fighting. It’s violent. I prefer to complain on the internet until I get my way.

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